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Football + Youth leadership in Thua Thien Hue province, Viet Nam!

From June to December 2018, our TF Member, Cong and his organization, Football For All, hosted a youth leadership programme for young people aged 16-22 at social centres and resettlement areas in Thua Thien Hue province, Viet Nam.

The programme used football as a tool to integrate vulnerable youth, increase community cohesion, and assist the youth in developing leadership skills.

Consisting of targeted sessions focusing on leadership and project management skills, how to write and design a community project, football as a tool for education, the Programme saw a total of 37 youth leaders trained, 94% of which reported knowing how to design projects that integrate football and life skills upon completion of the Programme.

Six months after the Programme, 5 community projects have been successfully initiated by 22 core youth leaders. These projects focused on various social issues, including: preventing sexual violence against girls and women, prevention of violence at school, environmental protection and preservation, smoking and health, and road safety. These positive results demonstrate the success and effectiveness of The Youth Leadership Programme, and Football For All hopes to implement a similar model in other provinces in Viet Nam.

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