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2000 people participate in the Malaysian Temenggor Dam Fun Ride!! Supported by our TF Member

On March 10, 2,000 cyclists, half of which youth, turned up to the Gerik district of Malaysia to participate in the biggest cycling event in the district’s history – the Temenggor Dam Fun Ride 2019.

The event was organized jointly by the Gerik District Council, Gerik Happy Riders Club, and Crowdsukan – an online crowdfunding platform for sports facilities across Asia co-founded by Task Force member, Yik Wai Chee (Rico).

Participants came from all over the South-East Asia region to participate in the 60km bike ride through one of the oldest rainforest reserves in the region!

The event successfully mobilized around 2,000 individuals to be physically active, which contributes to good health (SDG3), while also promoting an appreciation for the natural environment of the region, a prime example of using the power of sports towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!

On top of that, the event raised funds and awareness for the protection of the endangered elephant native to the Gerik District, and conservation of the forests (SDG15).

The Fun Ride brought in an estimated 200,000 MYR (approximately $50,000 USD) in revenue to the area on the day itself, an area which has previously experienced economic difficulty due to its remote location, thereby contributing to economic growth (SDG 8).

The international success of the event helped to establish a base for the ecotourism industry in the Gerik District’s and the reputation for adventure sports tourism, while also promoting the cycling culture both among the people of the Gerik District and beyond, aiding the sustainability of this economic and social boost (SDG11).

The Fun Ride is a perfect example of partnerships between agents – the local government, Crowdsukan, and Gerik Happy Riders Club – in using sports for positive social change (SDG17).

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