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Qaisar Roonjha, our TF Member from Pakistan launches a new programme: Girls Reshaping Lives through

The Welfare Association for New Generation (WANG), Pakistan, have launched a new project, Girls Reshaping Lives through Sport, with the support of the NGO Right to Play in Pakistan.

Under this project, WANG is engaging different girls' schools and building the capacity of young women in leadership, decision-making and other life skills. The project sits under the umbrella of WANG's existing female focused programme, Inform, Inspire & Involve Girls (I-GIRL), which encourages female leadership and provides education on issues such as forced marriages, sexual reproductive health rights, HIV/AIDS, political (voting) education, mother and newborn health and gender discrimination issues.

WANG strongly believes that at every level of community participation, female leadership is needed for the betterment of society where women can easily access their rights.

"Educating girls is the highest-return on investment you can make if you want to break the cycle of poverty"

Find out more about the organisation here:

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