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Task Force Members chosen to attend Int. Meeting on Sport for Development in Milan, Italy

Our Task Members, Warit Totthing (Thailand) and Deandra Farnita (Indonesia) attended the International Meeting of Sport for Social Inclusion and Development: Alliances for Private Public Actions Plans in Milan, Italy between 24th to the 26th of January 2018.

The conference was conducted by Italian Government Office for Sport and with support from UNESCO. One hundred participants attended, representing academia, government, non-governmental organization and private organization.

Warit (Thailand) presented his initiative to create a Cycling Community in Thailand particularly in conflicted areas where cycling can bring people together irrespective of their background, culture or beliefs.

Deandra (Indonesia) presented her work and research into collecting evidence on sport for conflict resolution, including bullying, violence and aggressive behavior, which she has been applying in her local community with the support of the Indonesian Government.

A big success, the follow up to this meeting will hopefully create more synergy between public and private organization in sport.

Congratulations Warit and Deandra!!

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