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Transforming Cities through Sport: Physical transformation complete!

Today UNESCO, together with Malabon City Council, Philippines and the Muaythai Association of the Philippines, opened the TRANSFORMED space and held the first sport activities. The project will continue throughout 2018 with bi-weekly interventions from different sports including Basketball, Volleyball and Muaythai.

Transforming Cities through Sport is a UNESCO project aimed at challenging stigma associated with informal settlements and engaging out-of-school youth in Manila, Philippines.

The project seeks to create new safe spaces available for sport in poor urban areas, improve social cohesion, reduce violence by and against youth and promote greater gender equality by insisting on the participation of girls and vulnerable gender groups.

At the same time, it aims to engage city-level authorities, advocate for the importance of safe, green spaces for sport.

For more info, get in touch with UNESCO at:

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