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New opportunities for street children through Football

GARUDA BARU is a movement that aims to empower marginal children through a combination of sports activities, self-development, and advocacy. This movement is part of an international movement that builds a public awareness on the rights of children, to convey the message that there are NO CHILDREN WHO DESERVE TO LIVE ON THE STREET.

Through the involvement in the Street Child World Cup 2018 in Russia, we are continuously working to develop strategies to gain the protection of the rights of marginal children through football, which we believe can offer better opportunities for them to become better individuals in the future.

To send GARUDA BARU team to the 2018 World Street Child World Cup, we always try to get as much support from the public. One of our activities is a "Charity Match" which aims to raise funds and support to further broaden public awareness of the rights of marginal children.

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