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Tens of thousands of people of different faiths, races and nationalities have been affected by violent extremism in recent years. The recent prevalence of terrorism is demonstrated through: 

  • Nearly ten-fold increase of the deaths from violent extremism from 2000 to 2015 (from 3,329 to 32,685)12; and; 

  • Two-thirds of all countries in the world, or 106 nations, experiencing a terrorist attack in 201616. 

Tolerance and understanding of diverse ideas and cultures is at the heart of 2030 Agenda, particularly SDG 16 on building peaceful, just and inclusive societies. 

Sport plays a vital role in preventing violent extremes by diverting young people away from crimes and violence and strengthening youth resilience through: 

  • Sharing commonalities between people from different backgrounds and reducing stereotypes; 

  • Promoting positive values and channelling emotions through peaceful means of expression; 

  • Helping those affected by violent extremism to rehabilitate; and 

  • Developing resilience and critical thinking skills. 


From an economical perspective, sport is a highly effective way to tackle youth crimes and anti-social behaviour, delivering $5 value for every $1 invested through savings related to reductions in truancy,
ill-health and crimes. 

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