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UNESCO, together with the Lee Seung-Yuop Baseball Foundation, will host the Seoul Sport & the SDGs Youth Funshop on 5-8 September 2019. The Funshop will bring together youth leaders from across Asia and the Pacific for a four-day intensive capacity-building and networking programme.

Through structured exchanges that will draw on their own experiences, the youth will gain a deeper understanding of the role that sport can play in achieving specific SDG targets. The thematic discussions will focus on youth empowerment, health & non-communicable diseases (NCDs), social inclusion & gender equality, climate change, and prevention of violent extremism (PVE).

Youth selected to attend the 2019 Funshop

Due to the extremely high number of applicants this year, we regret that we are unable to send personalized emails to those who were not selected. If your name appears on this list, you have been selected to attend the 2019 Funshop in Seoul.

Mr Abdul Basit (Pakistan)

Ms Aditi Chauhan (India)

Mr Almanbet Abylkasym Uulu (Kyrgyz Republic)

Mr Anton Timoshenko (Tajikistan)

Mr Barry Ng (Singapore)

Ms Bùi Thi Lan (Vietnam)

Mr Cesario da Silva (Timor-Leste)

Mr Chee Yik Wai (Malaysia)

Mr Dibyanta Andika Satari (Indonesia)

Ms Ema Likuuca Vereivalu (Fiji)

Ms Eng Muy Ngim (Cambodia)

Ms Gillian Franceska D. Trinidad (Philippines)

Mr Hazeeq Rudie (Malaysia)

Mr Hsu Htoo (Myanmar)

Ms Ingyin Khin (Myanmar)

Ms Ishita Maria Barbosa Godinho (India)

Mr Jinwoo Mo (South Korea)

Mr John Stephen (Vanuatu)

Mr Joshua Goña (Philippines)

Ms Jovina Choo Bei Fen (Singapore)

Ms Kaho Shinohara (Japan)

Ms Karishma Ali (Pakistan)

Ms Kerry Pither Cristalina Galhos (Timor-Leste)

Mr Kharat Prasanna (India)

Mr Nith Koem (Cambodia)

Ms Kymbat Bektay (Kazakhstan)

Mr Le Anh Vinh (Vietnam)

Ms Lew Shu Ying (Singapore)

Mr Lokesh Jurel (India)

Ms Mai Sakaguchi (Japan)

Ms Maupenei Asafo (Samoa)

Ms Meaghan Eyre Wilby (New Zealand)

Mr Milton Angat Kisapai (Papua New Guinea)

Mr Mohammad Aliza Gibran (Indonesia)

Mr Mohammed Asaduzzaman (Bangladesh)

Ms Soteya Apryll Arroyo (Philippines)

Mr Muhammad Taha Tahir (Pakistan)

Ms Nelofar Sorosh (Afghanistan)

Ms Nicole Anne Tiamzon (Philippines)

Ms Phonesavanh Sengmany (Laos PDR)

Ms Phyu Phyu Thein (Myanmar)

Ms Qinthara Nabigha Ridwan (Indonesia)

Ms Ruby Ang (Brunei Darussalam)

Mr Saif Ullah Khan (India)

Mr Sajan Shrestha (Nepal)

Mr Samuel John Davey (Australia)

Mr Siyu Mao (China)

Ms Socheata Seng (Cambodia)

Mr Somchay Senephimmachack (Laos PDR)

Ms Soudalalth Phengthalangsy (Laos PDR)

Ms Stephanie Margaux F. Inocando (Philippines)

Mr Tran Van Ninh (Thailand)

Mr Umair Asif (Pakistan)

Mr Viet Nguyen (Vietnam)

Mr Warit Totthing (Thailand)

Ms Wong Siu Hui (Malaysia)

Ms Yanie Mirabueno (Philippines)

Mr Yeang Sethsamprathna (Cambodia)

Ms Yuiko Inoue (Japan)

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