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The Youth and Sport Task Force is a partnership between UNESCO and It was launched in early 2017 to represent individuals working on youth and sport in Asia and the Pacific and evolved as a result of the 2017 UNESCO Sport and the SDGs Funshop to represent Asia-Pacific youth activists, each with their own sport programmes at the local level. In 2019, a third partner, the Lee Seung-Yuop Foundation hosted the second UNESCO Sport and the SDGs Funshop in Seoul. An outcome of the event was the expansion of the Task Force to 60 youth members, representing 28 countries. 


Today the network remains active with its original members and is regularly solicited by international partners (including UN Agencies) for technical input from its members in an effort to involve youth in programming and policy-making. The network is recognized as good practice in engaging diverse youth meaningfully and retaining their engagement much longer than with other interventions.


The Youth and Sport Task Force represents creative, passionate and innovative young leaders across Asia and the Pacific who use sport as a tool for positive social change in their communities. 

The youth are in control. They design their own programs, determine their own priorities and collectively, decide on the strategic direction of the Task Force. UNESCO supports the Task Force by providing opportunities for the members to promote and enhance their work by connecting with each other and with regional and global opportunities for growth and capacity building.


All programs represented by the Task Force are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


We are cultivating a community of young change-makers who are already making a big impact, by youth, with youth, for youth. 

Join us and support the Task Force movement.

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"Youth are the missing link in realizing the United Nations Agenda 2030, and we believe sport is our best tool"
Jen Macapagal, Task Force Member (Singapore)



We provide a platform through which our youth members can express their views and ideas concerning global issues and engage with policy-makers and the international community. Placing youth in the centre of everything we do, we work in the community and with the most vulnerable and marginalized. Sport is our key to reaching them and making a positive impact.



Supported by UNESCO, the Youth and Sport Task Force and its Members follow a strict Code of Conduct guided by principles of absolute respect for diversity, equality, honesty, fairness, integrity and professionalism. To read our Code of Conduct, please click here.

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